When Fates Collide - May 2024

When Fates Collide - May 2024

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We are very excited to announce our May theme: WHEN FATES COLLIDE

This box includes a hardcover YA fantasy/historical fiction title with STENCILED edges and a foil design on the cover, along with 3 to 5 other items.

A devastating and pulse-pounding tale where hope is dangerous and love is deadly, based on a true story from Korean history.
The people suffer under the cruel reign of a tyrant King, powerless to stop him from commandeering their land, burning books, and kidnapping women and girls to use as his personal playthings.

When her older sister is taken as the king’s latest prey, a seventeen-year-old girl must travel through forbidden territory to reach the capital in hopes of stealing her sister back. But she soon discovers the king’s power is absolute, and to challenge his rule is to court certain death.

A prince has lived his whole life in the terrifying shadow of his despicable half-brother, the king. He aches to find a way to dethrone his half-brother once and for all. When staging a coup, failure is fatal, and he’ll need help to pull it off—but there’s no way to know who he can trust.

When their fates collide, their contempt for each other is transcended only by their mutual hate for the king. Armed with the girl’s family connections and the prince’s royal access, they reluctantly join forces to launch the riskiest gamble the kingdom has ever seen.

Save her sister. Free the people. Destroy a tyrant

Boxes expect to begin shipping end of May/early June.

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